Watchdog: ‘Gambling sites too often look for the border

Gambling sites like Betcity, Kansino and Toto have ‘too often and too much’ pushed the edge of the law. Gambling regulators say they have to work hard in the fight against addiction. That said René Jansen, chairman of the Gaming Authority on Thursday in the House of Representatives.

This is a gambling company that now advertises a lot, including with ex-football players or ads with confetti.

Online gambling has recently been allowed in the Netherlands, provided the site intervenes if players become addicted. But the latter doesn’t do enough gambling sites. Dutch gamblers can deposit large sums, play for the night and lose a lot of money without being called back.

Pointer made the broadcast below about the dark side of this gambling site. A player lost 70,000 in two months, this was also mentioned during the consultation.

Online gambling has been legalized in the Netherlands since October 1, 2021. One of the goals is for Dutch people to gamble less into illegal, unprotected online casinos and instead bet on, for example, King Toto. The shift worked, according to authorities.

But for another purpose, gambling prevention, things go wrong because gambling companies allow over-deposits, among other things. For example, they sometimes do nothing if a player deposits 2,500 euros per month, the average monthly salary Slot Online Gacor Hari ini.

The game of authority happens to have sent a warning, but says it can’t always intervene right away. Supervisors have fewer resources than, for example, the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets.

The House of Representatives held so-called roundtable discussions on Thursday, during which lawmakers questioned parties in the gambling market about the new situation. The Netherlands is quite late in opening the gambling market. According to experts, it is logical that problems arise in the first months after opening. The struggle can even last three to four years.

But gambling companies and politicians are also thinking about tougher measures. One of the problems is that addicted players can now easily switch gambling companies. If one betting site asks a nagging question, move on to another. With about thirty providers in the future, one can lose a lot of money again so often.

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Minister Franc Weerwind (Legal Protection) has told Pointer he takes gamblers seriously. He considers the overall limit, having exhausted his own playing limit with one provider, then can no longer continue with another.

Gambling companies also want a uniform picture of ‘problem players’, so that all providers act the same way with the same behavior. For now, however, the laws are still such that players in particular have to take responsibility for themselves.

If you become aware that you are becoming addicted, you can, for example, sign up with Cruks, an online register that prevents you from gaining access to physical or online digital casinos. According to the Gaming Authority, 15,000 people have now registered there. That’s 5000 more than in mid-March.

Complaints also lead to a refund. For example, Holland Casino and Betcity have to pay a player 7,000 euros, according to Radar’s consumer program. Gambling companies make mistakes with their protection.

October 17th, 2022